Crimsonite Publish time 2013-9-2 13:07:17

Bugs & Some Suggestions

I like the overall feel of this game, good 'ol hack n' slash fun, I see great potential.

Bugs: (what I've encountered thus far)
- Lag spikes, constant micro stutters. Massive lag spikes when casting Caltrops on mobs and while running around them. My character has died a lot due to this. I've got a high-end gaming machine with 10Mbps connection, I play Crysis 3/Diablo3/Starcraft2 without lags at all.
- Terrain objections often block the view, and sometimes even prevents mouse clicking, which causes my character to stand still, I have to click on a monster afar for her to move again.
- Monster hitbox is weird. I got a lot of movement speed so I can dodge attacks during battles, but when a monster attacks where I previously was, I get hit anyway. Especially the tree monsters and ice imps, it's extremely annoying, if I can move quickly enough to get out of the way then I should be able to dodge the attacks. Plus, it defeats having movement speed.
- Crashes. Happens often in the Companion selection screen while browsing, it locks up. Sometimes during loading of a map, or randomly during battles.
- Invisible monsters in missions after Yurei Caverns. They also cannot be hit physically.
- Energy Regen bonus on armors don't seem to stack. I first have one at 8%, then another at 10%. The buff icon shows Level III but not the %. Regen speed is the same as when I had only the 8%.

- Buff up Cunning abilities a little, really need more damage to make up for the lack of Power/Def.
- Buff Skills such as Dark Hunter should last a bit longer, 10seconds is really a joke.
- 4 skill slots + 1 quick item slot.
- Skill upgrades really cost too much karma shards. I'd have to grind endlessly to collect them otherwise I can't upgrade a skill, making it very repetitive, and it's one of the main reasons why many people quit a game.
- Increase each consumable/material's stack count to say 200.
- Allow the ability to enter the amount of an item to move/sell.
- Add a buy back tab in shop.
- Each weapon type should have its own class specific advantage/bonus effect and should show.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-3 10:51:46

I'll forward this thread to the Akaneiro team for ya  :)

Crimsonite Publish time 2013-9-6 09:39:41

FlightTribe replied at 2013-9-3 10:51 static/image/common/back.gif
I'll forward this thread to the Akaneiro team for ya

Thanks for the reply. The lag has gotten even worse today. It's getting progressively worse by the day. Every game runs smoothly but this one. I understand a new game has technical issues to work out, but I don't see how a lag issue can keep getting worse with each day. It's completely unplayable for me now...

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-6 13:43:41

I'm unsure !!
We haven't really changed or done anything in the last few days  :o

jolt76 Publish time 2013-9-8 11:39:52

Edited by jolt76 at 2013-9-8 11:43

I get the lag spikes too, I mostly use rain of meteor. my pc has a 6 core 8gb ram with a 660 2gb gtx graphics card so my specs are well above.
I find if meteors hit more than 4 targets at once I get a small slow down. if they hit 6+ I get a small spike. later levels have more mobs grouped and thus cause more lag spikes as you level. Now that I got max level and meteor has a slow on it mobs get hit a lot more and its causing more lag. My char can be off the screen from the mobs and it still lags(cast and run far out from aoe). my guess is that it has to do with how the game calculates damage or how muti ai respond to being damaged as casting the spell itself don't cause a slow down.
Edit: I supose i should say that its phycial lag and no internet lag that happens.

Onds Publish time 2013-9-9 06:16:59

Before the latest patch i was at a stable 30ms. After the recent patch i'm at 150ms with frequent increases up to 500ms (sometimes even higher, which as you can imagine is a killer!)

As jolt76 is saying there is a lot of slowdown when many entities (mobs, items, shards etc) are on screen. Even more so when using aoe abilities (like Meteor or SoD) on large groups of mobs.

Crimsonite Publish time 2013-9-20 04:52:11

Onds replied at 2013-9-9 06:16 static/image/common/back.gif
Before the latest patch i was at a stable 30ms. After the recent patch i'm at 150ms with frequent in ...

Yes! Precisely the problem I'm having. And I don't know about anybody else, but for me it has been getting progressively worse day by day. It's even worse now since I last posted about this. It's completely unplayable for me now and I'm stuck at Lv26. I can only do normal attacks now or I get lagged to death.

psomm Publish time 2013-9-22 02:32:30

The lag spikes are every 2-3 seconds on the DOT. Just run back and forth, you'll see the stutter and hear the loop skip it if you have a sound loop like rain.

If I were to guess, spicy programmed it in as a way of resetting desync -- I'm willing to bet everyone gets it even if they don't notice.

Highly annoying, unplayable mess in my book unless its rectified.

ben_VvVZ Publish time 2013-9-22 11:12:06

just wanted to throw out there I also have the stutter every few seconds, it's really a pain unplayable like this, I have AMD 8 core CPU @ 3.1 ghz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 8GB of DDR3 ram.
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