warbirdnut Publish time 2013-9-5 07:52:25

Bug 5420

Hey, thought I see if someone else is seeing this issue. I put in a bug report, but I haven't duplicated the issue yet, but I think its just a matter of time before I do. Here's a copy of the bug I opened:

When playing Melon Fields on the Overrun difficulty level, I was able to trip the shield and leave the area shown in the attached screenshot. I had no recourse, but to start the level over. When I noticed what appears to be a bug, I had done the following:

1. Killed of the first batch of monsters along with the first nest.
2. Went up a few steps to take make a Stinging Shot at one of the melon monsters and then decided to step back.

At that point the shield went up and I could not enter the area, but as expected the monsters were able to get back through the shield. I'll go back and see if I can duplicate the issue and provide some video.

I didn't attach the screen shot, but its the first area where you get locked in. Just go up the stairs and turn around quickly. I think the trigger point is a few steps past the stairs. I've got a level IV Nimble ring so speed may matter too. (Hmm. I didn't put that in the ticket. perhaps I should.).
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