CupCakeVice Publish time 2013-9-8 11:37:50

New to game, some bugs I noticed

First time playing through I noticed 2 bugs, one of which made the game basically unplayable for me without a restart(which fixed it)
The minor one is that I found my text box for chat was filling up with any letters/numbers I typed during play time and visa-versa, whilst typing things the letters would cause skills/etc to activate.

The major one(since it made me feel sick to play and unable to see the fights properly) is that sometimes I'd press a button(no idea which, probably happened when I typed in chat) it would zoom the camera in abnormally and this would cause the screen to wobble in and out.

Onds Publish time 2013-9-9 06:20:32

Yeah, the chatbox picking up skill presses (and a lot of instances of the letter "e" even though i do not use this!) is quite annoying.

Oh, and cupcakevice, the zoom button is the "z" key.

CupCakeVice Publish time 2013-9-9 11:31:52

Z didn't fix the camera issue, it just moved the camera to a different angle(I did try :( )

Onds Publish time 2013-9-9 13:37:20

Hmm... No idea then, sorry.
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