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Returning Player

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So I decided to play Akaneiro again after so long. I was surprised with some changes I saw, like the addition of crafting, interface, and changes to Vendor Goto (does she not sell purples anymore?)

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with how well my character held up.

The old purple claymore most veterans are familiar with still seems to do well, and my 435k+ karma seems to still be a lot. I barely have anything to spend it on though.

Anyway, besides these observations, any other important changes in the game so far, such as skills, drops, or level cap? I would appreciate a to-do list of sorts, while I begin work on getting my character the full Angry Red look, with all Ruby armor, and the aforementioned claymore.

Also, is it just me, or has Cunning been nerfed to the ground? Caltrops before was very good at taking care of mobs, so long as you could kite well. Now, this is hardly the case, and I get killed very quickly even at easy modes. Could be just that I'm new to playing again, but would appreciate someone's opinion. Full Prowess might be a good character to build now it seems.

Nevadia Publish time 2013-9-10 06:55:05

I've played this game for about a week and I'm constantly short of karma lol.  I still don't know what is the level cap.  

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-10 14:59:57

The current character level cap is 28.
But that will be raised to 32 once area 8 is released  :)
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