vhanster Publish time 2013-9-21 19:55:10

Freezing bug

A minor one, but I was playing this game earlier, and suddenly started experiencing random character freezes. It usually occurs during or after facing a large group of enemies; and my character would suddenly freeze - unable to move or attack; skillls can't be activated either. It could still receive damage from the enemies, and would only start moving again after it died and is resurrected, or if I abandon the quest and return to the village.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-22 13:32:05

This might be an old bug that some abilities cause your character to freeze and get stuck.
We fixed this (seemingly for a lot of people but not all)
I'll tell the team it's still around.  What abilities were you using while fighting?

vhanster Publish time 2013-9-23 08:05:14

Usually happens when I use the meteor skill. But I'm not sure if this is exactly the case, though; I've used that ability a few times without problem. It only started happening yesterday.

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-9-24 08:46:44

I see this with Caltrops more so with Meteor. I seem to drop a bunch of frames when it happens.  One minute I've got a good lead and the next I'm heading back to the village. There are some locations that I won't even use Caltrops because of it.
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