ValerieValens Publish time 2013-9-22 21:41:01

Obscenely Long Loading Times, Lag when loot drops from mobs

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I have been having these 2 issues when playing the Desura version of the game. Areas take upwards of 10 30 minutes to fully load, and the game seems to freeze for 5-15 seconds whenever loot pieces drop from downed mobs. The first problem i can deal with since it's an opportunity to do other things, then come back, but the loot drop lag can render the game unplayable. I also get a big lag spike when picking a partner.

I checked my ping and it's very good, at around 60ms.

DanDragneel Publish time 2013-9-24 04:27:20

got the same problem, it's simply ANNOYING! this thing didn't happens months ago

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-24 13:44:36

We are aware that some people are experiencing long load times and are working towards fixing this, but even so, 30 minutes is FAR too long.

I would potentially reinstall to see if that helps any !!

ValerieValens Publish time 2013-9-24 16:01:35

The game was a fresh install, but okay. I'll try the steam shortcut version, then try reinstalling.

ValerieValens Publish time 2013-9-25 04:22:23

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Okay reinstalled, and I am having the same problem. The same massive lag spikes, and the same massive load times. I think the issue is that so much of what the game does is serverside that the game slows down to a crawl waiting for data from the server.

This could be alleviated by scaling back how much/often things have to be precached/loaded from the server to the client. Like for the locations, there is no reason why the locations could not be downloaded as part of the client package, so that they could be loaded locally. Loot items could have a divining time, so that the data for the loot item can come sometime after the moment they drop or get picked up. That way, the client does not come to a grinding halt, waiting for data about the loot to be received.

EDIT : Loading Raging Ushi Oni, it's been 10 minutes and the progress meter still hasn't moved past 0%.
EDIT2 : 30 mins later, and the progress is still just at 86% It is actually getting worse.

I should also note that the version of the game I installed was from Desura.

endafresh Publish time 2013-9-25 13:11:21

It might help to just use the standalone download from the main Spicy Horse site.
It might be an issue with Desura's version of the client.

Might also help if you posted your computer specs and what OS you're using.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-25 15:05:43

It shouldn't really be anything to do with the specs of the PC.
It has to be a network issue. But even so, I don't know where the problem would be.  

As I mentioned, some people have long load times (and I'm only talking 10 mins here) yet most people on broadband can load within a minute. But even that shouldn't be a problem because the installer contains ALL the files needed.

It's a mystery !!

Out of curiosity, how is the web version for you in terms of loading or the SpicyWorld version you can download at ?

ValerieValens Publish time 2013-9-25 22:08:47

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The web version actually works a lot better, with faster loading times and no longer any lag spikes when loot drops.
Edit : The standalone version also seems to work perfectly. So it seems that the problem is strictly limited to the desura version.
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