warbirdnut Publish time 2013-9-24 09:06:32

Stats Window

I've noticed a few things about that Stats and Bonus Window.  Sorry its  a bit hard to read, I scalled it down to 1/2 size.

The whole window could be widened a bit IMHO, The base stats window could use bigger fields (or perhaps scalable fonts?).

I noticed that my blast resistance seems to change between 7.999998 and 8 percent depending on what items I'm using.  I'm curious why I see a integer sometimes and a float others?  And does .000002 make that much of a differance in the game?  :)

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-9-24 13:39:55

Heheh, maybe.  That 0.000002 could be the difference between life and death !!

endafresh Publish time 2013-9-28 06:54:28

FlightTribe, I'm going to assume you have a line with the SH devs on this game?
Please ask them to have a 'scaleable HUD' for the UI.
Also please see if we can get some proper widescreen resolution support for the standalone client.

The FOV (field of view) is very narrow while the camera can't be moved or zoomed out at all.  That makes it frustrating to play for more than 5 minutes without getting motion sickness.
Diablo 1 back in 1999 solved this problem very easily by letting the player zoom out far enough that FOV wasn't much of an issue.

So please talk to them about making the game more accessible by having full native support for all types of widescreen resolutions (with options in-game to change resolution, FOV, and aspect ratio please).
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