Typhoone Publish time 2013-9-29 21:52:44

Ally bugged

Everytime I do a mission my ally works for about a minute then bugs out and is stuck running or nothing, any suggestions?

chummyto Publish time 2013-9-30 07:51:28

Same here, companion may teleport along at times but will do nothing (perhaps watch you die with that blank look :L)

theblackdrake Publish time 2013-10-1 01:54:59

I am also confirming that my companion sometimes looks like they're on a treadmill that never stops. I have to go back to the village to have them stop running.  When I redo the hunt I was on they seemed to always get stuck/watch me die with a ghoulish disinterest/sink into the ground.

This seemed to happen after the 9/29 update.

theblackdrake Publish time 2013-10-1 01:57:54

I actually love the idea of using other people's characters without having to invite the actual player into my game. Hopefully they keep that option along with 'real' co-op when the game goes past beta.

SweetAHB Publish time 2013-10-1 21:28:37

Yea, I'm having the same issue. Actually, I agree with what theblackdrake said and I also like the fact of being allowed to gain some XP through it, so I hope they fix it soon. Sometimes I lose ally along the way and meet him once I've passed any entrance, but no matter what, ally just stands there, not even following me or attacking.

wyvern Publish time 2013-10-5 14:44:12

I was able to figure out where/when my ally gets stuck on treadmill or standing around doing nothing when they are linked to my characters.

When the ally is up against a bunch of enemies and the ally tries to follow the main pc but can't find a way out of the mob or physical obstruction they get stuck on the 'treadmill'. Whenever the ally launches a giant power sucking move that affects many monsters around it, the special ability executes but then they go right into the zombie stance where they just lose all interest of following the main pc or even assisting. There is one special maneuver they do which involves a pale orange/yellow light followed by a loud *BOOM* which never fails to paralyze the ally once it executes. It's not the meteor swarm because I don't see any of the meteors but it's loud and very dramatic flash of light (whatever that is)

Yeah SweetAHB I hope they fix AND keep the asynchronous ally feature. It's cool!

Hejin Publish time 2013-10-6 20:02:04

Same problem for me  .

vhanster Publish time 2013-10-6 23:36:07

I also have this problem. The ally would help out for about 1 minute before they get stuck and become useless

wyvern Publish time 2013-10-8 03:51:27

Edited by wyvern at 2013-10-8 03:52


This behavior of the ally happened after the 9/29 update. Not saying it was the cause but it just happens to coincide with that event. The ally worked fine for me before that. Though I did figure out that when the ally executed the 'Shockwave' prowess power, she would just stand there after that.

I did find a cool tactical workaround though. I would pull large groups of monsters and lead them toward my ally and run past her. The monsters attack the ally with gusto once you pass the zombified/treadmilling ally. Once they are all concentrating on your immobilized decoy, I run back just behind the ally and do sweeping/mass area affect powers until they are all dead because the monsters don't attack the main pc. If it's too large of a group of monsters though some seep around the edges of the ally and attack your main but that's easily handled. The tactic gives me like 18 kills in a single shot after weakening the mob in a tight controllable area. Very satisfying ;)

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-10-8 13:35:09

Known bug **shakes fist at bug**

Fixed next patch !!  :)
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