Universeprotectorakira Publish time 2013-11-3 08:56:09

leaving crafting and other shops

ok so i havent been on in ages, played it as a beta tester, but i cant figure out how to leave the Crafting shop or the Prowess. i can leave the other shops just fine just not those two shops

TinSoldier Publish time 2013-11-3 10:11:53

when you talk to the crafting shop or prowess guy they lock you into the 'Merchant Contract'. You have to kill them to leave

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-11-4 16:01:51

The red X box in the top right always does it for me  ;)

TinSoldier Publish time 2013-11-4 16:39:09

that works too ^ ;P

Universeprotectorakira Publish time 2013-11-4 21:48:49

thats rude XD there are now X boxes and nothing else shows up nor happens. oh well ill figure it out

TinSoldier Publish time 2013-11-5 06:20:31

Sorry xD. Post a picture if you don't end up figuring it out :)

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-11-5 16:15:11

Yeah, show us what your screen looks like !!!

Universeprotectorakira Publish time 2013-11-6 23:55:57

i may have figured it out, but ill still post a screenshot.
the exiting button doesn't show up but by clicking on the upper right corner of the shop (inside the box) i can close out.

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-11-8 13:40:54

Weird !  Like the X graphic isn't loading   :/

Universeprotectorakira Publish time 2013-11-10 03:00:16

Edited by Universeprotectorakira at 2013-11-9 13:02

yeah its weird but atleast i figured it out XD.  but now i cant seem to figure out how to tell if your gonna die or not XD. i know where your health and the other thing is but all it show is a red/white heart nothing else
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