blazingblzrd Publish time 2013-11-5 22:42:30

can't connect to UPDATE SERVER

Game hasn't been able to connect to update server for a couple of days now. anything up? thanks. I can still play but it saying it can't connect and let's assume that it's the current version kinda bugs me.

blazingblzrd Publish time 2013-11-5 22:47:05

also i'm getting that "white glare of death" again. the game brightens then freezes. used to happen alot in area 2. then disappeard after update. and now it's back. but it happens when i'm running around town too.

TinSoldier Publish time 2013-11-6 06:09:19

Yeah I'm getting that " Can't connect to update server, lets imagine this is the latest version." lol. I got excited cause I thought it mean an update was coming real soon, but it's been a few days :s

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-11-6 16:09:19

I'll get our dudes to investigate !!

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-11-6 16:20:18

Fixxzored !!

TinSoldier Publish time 2013-11-6 19:50:55

Edited by TinSoldier at 2013-11-6 19:53

Fixed? Woot!

Who you gon call?  Flight Tribe!


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