FlightTribe Publish time 2013-12-3 15:02:07

Big Bad Bloodfang Killing Competition. (until Dec 16th)

Greetings hunters.

As you may or may not know, there are Akaneiro Leader-boards at www.angry-red.com that show you boss kills.
Here is the one for Big Bad Bloodfang.

So to put it simply, the top 5 players who have the most Big Bad Bloodfang kills by Monday the 16th Of December, 10am (Shanghai Time) will get a code for the starter pack bundle in the shop, that contains...
75 Crystals
10,000 Karma shards
13 consumables

In addition to that, celebrating the launch of our new game The Gate

We will also be giving those 5 winners 100g to spend in The Gate too... so yes, of course you will need to actually play The Gate and have a character there if you want the 100g.

Now... THE RULES !!!

1) You must reply to this thread with your Akaneiro character name and The Gate character name in order to be elidgible to win (you don't HAVE to have a Gate character if you don't want to take part in that bit.)
2) You can only submit 1 Akaneiro character for the competition. So that means you can't put forwards all 3 of your characters and hope to win three times, because we can tell and anyone tryng that will be disqualified.
3) Yes, I know there are already names on the leaderboard, but if any of those people decide to play, I will subtract the current total from the final result on Monday the 16th.
4) I will give the prizes to the top 5 people as they appear on MY PC at 10am on Monday the 16th.  If there are duplicate scores.... then sorry... but only the top 5 as I see them will get the prize.
5) I will announce the winners here in this thread and then contact them through this SpicyWorld Forum with their winning codes.
Have fun.... And make that Big Bad Bloodfang wish he was never born   :D

Origami Publish time 2013-12-4 21:06:06

I would like to apply....

My characters are:
Fahrenheit (Akaneiro)
Origami (The Gate)

JedShade Publish time 2013-12-5 19:16:54


RedShade (Akaneiro)
JedHawk (The Gate)

slimster Publish time 2013-12-6 06:16:23

Yay for a game within a game!

Kanakata (Akaneiro)

serol18 Publish time 2013-12-6 06:24:51

i dont have a The Gate character

R4ijin (Akanerio)

warbirdnut Publish time 2013-12-6 08:15:32

What the heck. I'm getting a late start but count me in.


I don't have a character for The Gate. Is Linux supported?

FlightTribe Publish time 2013-12-6 09:33:33

Actually we just worldwide released The Gate for iOS yesterday.   But no, no PC Linux support yet  :(

Jonez Publish time 2013-12-7 01:22:04

Jonez (Akanerio)

i dont have a The Gate character

Best regards,


9fruits Publish time 2013-12-7 23:50:08

Don't have a Gate character

Also I have a question, do Boss Kills count at any difficulty?

9fruits Publish time 2013-12-9 01:28:09

Ah well, I just got sick, so count me out. That way I will at least not be tempted to play anyway XD
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