Jonez Publish time 2013-12-6 17:25:59

Hungry Cleave with patch 20131205/14:15

Good morning everyone,

I noticed a change on the ability "Hungry Cleave" which is very bad for my playstile.
With patch 20131205/14:15 I decided to levelup my "Hungry Cleave" from level2 to level3 because the costs of that ability changed on level3 from 300 to 200.
Now the cleave doesn't react as before when I got a hit from an enemy. The skill is ready to use, I have enough of energy, there is no knockback or stun from the enemies, I press hungry cleave 5 times and with a little bit of luck, my char is doing the cleave one time. When I got no hits from enemies, I can spam the cleave as before but in a fight the ability is not reliable...the only thing I can do is doing auto-attacks.

Sooo I got some questions :-):

Is it a bug or a nerf of hungry cleave?
Did somebody notice that with other abilities?
Is that because of Hungry Cleave level3 or because of the patch?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,


serol18 Publish time 2013-12-6 19:50:30

im playing with a fortitude class character. when i levelup an ability it always happens to me. just remove that ability from your skill bar and put it back. it works for me :)

Jonez Publish time 2013-12-6 21:12:52

Thx serol18 for your answer, but that didn't help me.
Now I did some tests with another char which has the cleave on lvl2 and tested the skill on the dummy in town.
So there is no difference between cleave lvl2 and lvl3 ... so it is a generell problem with that ability.

When I tested the ability on the dummy, I found out that the Auto-Attack is the problem.
The game has a problem to insert the order into the spam of :).
with auto-attack disabled I don't have this problem. I lose 1 second where my char is doing nothing but after that the char is doing the cleave.

Maybe the dev-team can change that: when I am auto-attacking and there is an order "use ability" the next auto-attack will be overwritten with that order.:)

slimster Publish time 2013-12-7 00:09:48

What you're describing happens a lot with Rain of Blows too.
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