ponciks Publish time 2014-1-14 16:23:48

Why my base stats do not improve after levelups?

So i new to this game and i don't get why my base stats don't improve after level up. Well if they don't improve i can't upgrade my skills or learn new ones so what is problem or haven't done something. -____-

RocK_M Publish time 2014-1-14 17:29:38

Could be a new bug w/ new build?

But when you level up you should be given a choice on which trait to "increase" - Skill, Endurance or Power. Whichever you choose to increase determines the spread of stat increase.

For example IIRC putting up "Skill" when you level up raises your base Skill stat by 3, Endurance by 2 and Power by 1.

ponciks Publish time 2014-1-15 01:41:03

But i don't have given choice to level up those stats or skill, like it was before update. I just get level up and that is all i can't improve stat or skill, i just get level that is all.

inglor senju Publish time 2014-1-15 06:46:24

Same here . Please guys i have 7 lvl and NO BONUS STATS AT ALL !!!!!! I am powerres hero with 60 POWER 40 SKILL AND 20 DEFENCE !!!!!! I CANNOT PLAY BECAUSE OF THAT!!!!! Please game developers do something with that, just give us to opportunity to pick that stats for all levels that we actually recieve .... :(

dobben Publish time 2014-2-20 23:55:52

at level 15 there is still no improvement.. Still I haven't been killed that often so far.. So stat improvement is not necessary yet?

NaPan Publish time 2014-10-12 04:29:03

I'm lvl 21 now and i have enough skill point to up skill. but it still " you haven't enough discipleine point to learn" :'( why's that?
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