fink Publish time 2012-11-4 01:21:28

Akaneiro Avatars - Get 'em here!

Nab 'em! If you have any requests...

cesar.amlopes Publish time 2012-11-5 01:53:59

nice work

see my avatar :)

Alice Publish time 2012-11-5 02:51:57

My avatar is best avatar, however, these are wicked awesome.  I love the doggy. ;o; Looks just like Ammy from Okami. ♥

racheltoh Publish time 2012-11-5 17:02:46

Haha gonna find time to draw up my Akaneiro persona - she'll be something like a Trapper with karasu tengu-inspired clothes... been planning her design out since I saw the Trapper outfits on the Facebook page XD

sorir Publish time 2012-11-6 01:04:19


Was too lazy to find myself an avatar then do all the messing around to get it the right size.

bummer542 Publish time 2012-11-8 12:36:20

cant wait till i can hop on and play this.

vestilence Publish time 2012-11-9 14:05:40

Generally loving the artwork of this game, game UI style, 3 'main stat' system~

Simplemindead Publish time 2012-11-10 13:42:48

"Requests"? Hmm, I have one: can I be in the beta?

What kind of request wasn't specified so.. :L

thenextbigthing02 Publish time 2012-11-10 15:29:35

Requests? I have one, make it easier for the beta testers to find the game client download.

nihiki_mokona Publish time 2012-11-11 11:52:20

Akaneiro art is awesome!!! Thank you for the avatar!
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