Victor Imyf Publish time 2014-1-23 01:04:38

Karma grinding spot?

Hello fellow player. Just wanted to know your strategies to get karma crystals fast.

I do the second mission (Rotten core) on overrun difficulty.

700 crystals from mission reward + 100-150 from killing mobs. I only do the quests, not clearing the map. That means kill Poxfinger: start map - take the path on the left and keep going untill you get to the house. If Poxfinger is not outside, try in the house; if it's not there he's in the cave (N-E of the map). Kill him, run to the alpha male cave, go in, get near corpse until it tells you to go outside. Run outside, kill the boss and go back to the village. Reptea.
During the run, ignore the mobs, only kill them only when you have to (either stuck or you're fighting Poxfinger or the final boss).
It takes me 3 minutes tops to finish the map and I get about 800 crystals as reward. That's about 7500 crystals every half an hour.

I tryed other areas, but I was getting 1200-1400 for 6-7 minutes of gameplay. Not every efficient.

How about you guys? What grinding spots/methods do you use?

fkevilryu Publish time 2014-2-2 12:21:14

I do the over run with the 1000 karma not really worrying about the mobs unless theres to many of them chasing me.... Just  run to through  the main objective goes pretty fast cause the karma will add up in no time...
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