TheGrestOne650 Publish time 2014-1-24 00:58:10

why cant i log in the game?

says establish connection, hit ok, and log in again, says "the account name you entered is no a valid email address"...........

Ophelea Publish time 2014-1-24 11:09:51


Are you trying to log in through the web or the standalone? We no longer support the standalone and the game recently had a significant update.


TheGrestOne650 Publish time 2014-1-24 11:50:22

well i downloaded the window version of the game from this site, unzipped it, and installed it. then it did a about 1gb of update. tried to log in the game thru the launcher... no go

RocK_M Publish time 2014-1-25 07:19:06

Eh? o_O

Are you guys positive the stand alone is no longer working? I just logged on a few minutes ago and the stand alone is working fine o_o
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