fkevilryu Publish time 2014-1-29 15:37:47

Mission 22/ Air death

Don't know if its bug or not, but i keep on dying when I start the mission and walk around , next thing I know i'm losing hp then poof instant death... Don't know if anyone else is having that problem...

mannes_99 Publish time 2014-1-30 04:10:44

I'm having the same problem, I believe some monsters are invisible because of some problem with loading textures because neither trees nor the bridges appear as well. I'm using the last zip version of the game on a windows 8 (not 8.1).

warbirdnut Publish time 2014-1-30 09:35:30

Yea, as mannes_99 said some of the monsters disappear on some of the levels. It is a known issue.

fkevilryu Publish time 2014-1-30 15:34:05

Ok, Well I will continue playing my main levels until everythings fix since I like slashing millions of the creative monsters :)

Implord Publish time 2014-11-4 23:48:04

There are invisible monsters. I killed them with fire. But even if you find the invisible bridges, they just won't lead to the caves or anywhere else.

Did anyone progress further than 22 at all?
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