BillarasHellBoy Publish time 2014-2-5 16:30:53

What do you use money for?

Can I buy a scooter? XD Just kidding XD
I am curious though I joined yesterday and started using the forums today and 36 money is more than I can have in real life XD so I start to wonder how to use them XD
Also how do you get peppers on Spicy World?

Riksh Publish time 2014-2-6 22:49:25

I don't know any other reason to collect gold as forum lvl up.
And maybe in some games you can use that.

PANDUKOE Publish time 2014-2-9 00:53:01

how  I get more gold

Riksh Publish time 2014-2-10 08:23:20

faleiro Publish time 2014-3-24 21:32:45

any solution for the forum money?
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