RainLieRen Publish time 2014-2-26 05:52:51

Stat points

how do i allocate stat points when I level up?

cashlezz Publish time 2014-2-27 16:41:38

Since there's a bug that prevents you from doing so, you can't at the moment. Hopefully it will be patched soon.:(

RainLieRen Publish time 2014-2-27 18:15:22

oh, i see. thanks for the help

Doormouse Publish time 2014-3-2 21:51:28

Any idea when they are patching the stat point issue? I'd love to train some skills at level 10 here, but don't have the discipline points to allocate to anything.

Also, is there a reason the minimap does not work in the standalone client right now? DO I need to buy something in-game to get that?
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