EllaCupcake Publish time 2014-3-11 15:43:56

My hair is so.... fabulous? (Bug)

Edited by EllaCupcake at 2014-3-11 15:50

It doesn't bother me a lot but.. It looks weird.. Whenever I put this hood on, it does this to my characters hairs..

diathadevil Publish time 2014-3-11 23:26:46


It's a design bug in the game. They should fix it in the next patch.

AielloFA Publish time 2014-4-30 16:28:16

Yeah, they already know it exists and are working on it.  What bugs me more is the glitch where you can't preview the Kitsune armor in the cash shop...  But they must be working on that one too, one would think.

Lucy Publish time 2014-10-6 08:31:57

i got that also :L
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