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please help me, the gold card recharge issue ?????

Nguyentantri2004Mar 11 14:48My main ID in the gate game: trito244Dear Ms & Mr,border=0Please check the attached file. I was in Vietnam, 8 March last night, I have bought 2 thousand gold, but in the first tui buy $ 19.9 almost 2060 gold but failed and then I continue to buy again and $ 19.9 almost 2060 gold . I get the 1000 gold 2060 gold from the event's promotional game. Until today, the bank reported back to the message is $39.98. So please help me in this. Worked on in my game is missing some gold .Or the end of the month I received detailed list of banks that have been deducted from the apple store, I will take pictures to send over to you. I just want to get more gold in the game also. So to be fair. The first time I encountered this problem in gaming. I enjoyed this game. Should you also wish to help me. so I can continue playing the game and load the gold into account more game ... Once again thank you very much if you read my message ….Please thank,------I want to use gold into this game  Can you help me solve this problem quickly is not? I fear a case of server roll back again. If you solve and find the game cause in the game and  Apple Store, and they can transfer gold to add to my game account number ID: trito244 always and I will add more load. Now trying to load more cards. Thank you very much

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