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A long list of bugs & ideas

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Here's a bunch of stuff I noticed while playing today for the first time in a rather long time:

1. Trying to download the Launcher installer gave me an error.
2. The Kitsune armor set (I've only tried the 9 Tails leg item, but I assume it applies to the rest of the set as well as they also disappear when trying them on the character from the store) is highly bugged, and causes a very large multitude of glitches.
   A. It doesn't appear on character while equiped. Your character will instead be shown in her undies.
   B. For the item to appear as equiped in your inventory, you must first attempt to equip it, leave your inventory, then reopen the inventory.
   C. The character render in the inventory will have incorrect shadow & post-processing effects applied to them while it's equiped.
   D. Attempting to take the item off and manually place it in your inventory may result in a crash (this may be a general bug).
   E. While equiped, it will state over the character render that the player's name is "Player Name" and has "0/0" experience.
   F. May cause the character select screen to be black.
3. Cloaks are not rigged properly to character's necks.
4. Shadow toggle in options doesn't work.
5. Generally, the performance has been rather terrible. There are random skips in the audio (specifically the music), and the FPS will randomly drop down from 50+ frames to 20-30.
6. Items may disappear from stash. Logging out & back in fixes this.
7. A few issues with the map I incountered:
   A. It's still rather difficult to see the walkable area on the mini-map. Changing the color from Grey to White would help allieviate this a bunch.
   B. In a few maps, the icons on the map do not coincide with what is actually in the level. This happens (so far) most in Mission 2: Rotten Core, where it will show the town's icons on the map.
   C. The "X" to close the map will overlap the button for the options menu. Clicking on an area of the overlap will cause the map to close, but the options to open.
8. Sometimes using a straight skillshot ability like Stinging Shot may miss a target even if your mouse cursor was directly hovered over that target.
9. Heavy weapons (Hammers especially) seem by and far more useful than other weapons.

Well, that's just what I've noticed so far. I'll update this as I find more stuffs.
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