diathadevil Publish time 2014-4-1 03:55:40

... Will they update Akaneiro again?

So far since the post about them giving out an update patch for March was released 2 months ago, no one has heard of Mr.

McGee's response to any news or anything for the game.
I just wish to know if there's still hope for this game to be continued, as it really has potential in being a big game. But the glitches and bugs that have been appearing constantly in-game are driving (most of) the players a bit over the edge, even me.

So please, Mr. McGee, please let us know if there will be an update soon or not....

tokay Publish time 2014-4-9 16:26:53

Yes, work is being done. Slowly. An update will come. Just have to wait... Wish we could go faster, but I promise you we're going as fast as we can. Thanks for understanding.
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