ArchonX5 Publish time 2014-4-13 03:07:09

Missing Start button?

Didn't see a thread on this. My start button disapered on my game screen last night so I can't even enter the game after it loads up. I have tried online and the download with the same results. Cleared the cache, restarted the computer, ect. Suggestions or anyone else having this issue?

Windows7 user

kyln Publish time 2014-4-13 11:40:00

me too, the start button disappeared:@ , can't log in to the game ,too bad:curse:

MCvL666 Publish time 2014-4-14 00:21:22

Yup and i can't log in too, I've downloaded standalone client today and i've tried to log in on it...
Same as web version... I can only type my username and password and than i see nothing...
It's sad...
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