Anves Publish time 2014-4-27 05:35:47

Found a Crazy Fairies Clone under the Lable Tale of Titania

Its the same, they only edit the logo.
Sorry don't know if this is official supported or a  copy so i post it here.

Hear is the announcement of them:

and this is a trailer copy on YouTube:

tokay Publish time 2014-4-27 19:34:49

That's not good. We will have our lawyers look into it. Thanks.

Anves Publish time 2014-4-27 23:23:08

Edited by Anves at 2014-4-28 05:25

The admin answered in german:
"Tec Interactive hat die kompletten rechte von dem Spiel übernommen und entwickelt die Marke unter dem Namen Tale of Titania weiter. Das hat nichts mit Fake zu tun, sondern ist ein ganz normaler Vorgang. Die entsprechenden Rechte wurden an uns für D/A/CH weitergegeben, also so wie bereits von Looney geschrieben." ... 9.html#post28044164

Sinmple translate:
Tec Interactive has taken over complete right of the game and elitepvpers are for the german localisation in DE/CH/AT.

As was first mentioned, I do not know how far everything is officially or even not.

Neutron15 Publish time 2015-11-9 19:03:57

Crazy Faries is a better name than Tale of Titania:)
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