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Community Rules <----- Almost there! Read it!

OverviewThe Spicy World forums are here to provide a friendly and inviting online community for players of "The Gate" and other Spicy Horse games. The following Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct are designed to promote order and foster a healthy community. By engaging on these forums, users are confirming their understanding of these terms and their willingness to abide by them.
Term of ServiceRead them here. These are for The Gate, but apply in general to all of our games.
Forum Rules of Conduct1. Be RespectfulThe forums provide a venue for the exchange of ideas related to The Gate and other Spicy Horse games. It's understood that differing opinions may lead to conflict,  but forum members are expected to be courteous to each other, even when disagreeing.
2. No RantingA rant is a post that contains angry and/or counter-productive content. Please post your thoughts in a clear and concise manner without going off topic or resorting to insults or baselesss peculations. Once you've established your point, do not beat a dead horse. Other players and Spicy Horse employees are not obligated to agree with you (nor you with them), and disagreement is not a license for ranting.
3. No Personal AttacksInsulting other forum members destroys the feeling of community and will not be tolerated. This includes flaming, antagonizing, baiting, and belittling other players - none of which will be tolerated. If you don't have something positive to say to someone, say nothing at all.
4. No TrollingA troll is a person who sows discord on the forums by starting arguments or upsetting people. Inflammatory, extraneous, off-topic messages posted with the deliberate intent of provoking readers and mods into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion will be removed. This specifically includes comments and posts that would require another use or mod to defend themselves against a hurtful accusation.
5. No Profanity
6. No Racism or Discrimination
7. No Posting of Private Communications Emails, chats, PMs and other forms of private communication between forum users or users and mods are to be kept private. Sharing of these communications or making statements about their existence is prohibited.
8. No Discussion of Warnings or BansWarnings and bans are private matters between mods and individual users. Making public or alluding to warnings will result in immediate banning.
9. No Discussion of Forum ModerationDiscussion of forum moderation generally leads to disagreement, flaming, and trolling. If you have questions about a moderator's actions, please file a report via ( Posts and comments related to forum moderation (such as comments on the deletion or locking of threads) will not be tolerated.
10. No SpammingSpamming is repeat posting of any comment or post beyond the initial post - or posting and commenting the same content across different areas and of the forum. If you have something to contribute, once is enough. Spamming also includes reporting of an issue via the Support Channel and copying that same report to the forum.
11. No Posting about Bugs or ExploitsReport bugs and exploits via our Support Channel (
12. No Re-posts Search the forums before posting a new topic or asking a question. Our goal is to make information here understandable and easy to find. Multiple posts on the same topic will be removed.
13. No ImpersonationDo not impersonate Spicy Horse employees, mods, or other players. Do not create the impression in other players of association with Spicy Horse or its employees that would imply special access to information or forum/game powers.
14. Post Constructively These forums are meant to be a common resource for all players of The Gate. Questions and comments should add to the value of the forums. Share information, strategies, and suggestions for improving the game.
15. Re-opening or Re-creating Locked Topics is Prohibited Once a thread has been locked it should not be re-created or re-opened. If you have questions about why a particular thread was locked, please submit a report via (
16. Abuse of Spicy Horse employees is prohibited Actions and comments that make it difficult for Spicy Horse employees and mods to do their jobs, are insulting, sarcastic, perceived as trolling, or otherwise abusive will not be tolerated. This includes usage of a mod's comments or posts in a sarcastic or dissident manner.
17. Rumor mongering is prohibited Counter-productive speculation about The Gate, Spicy Horse or its staff is prohibited, especially when the post is liable to create a negative response in other players. This includes accusations directed at the motives or feelings of Spicy Horse and its staff.
18. "Quitting" posts are permitted only in the "Leaving Hell" channelCertain players, after having fully experienced everything The Gate has to offer, may choose to say farewell to their fellow players before leaving the game and forums forever. Posts of this type are allowed in the "Leaving Hell" channel so long as they are respectful and well worded. Threats of "rage quitting" are not permitted.

Reprimand PolicyA tiered system of warnings and suspensions is in place. Be aware that if a situation is severe enough, the tiered system may be bypassed completely. 1st offence - warning2nd offence - 10 day suspension 3rd offence - 14 day suspension 4th offence - 30 day suspension 5th offence - 90 day suspension 6th+ offences - 180 day suspension or permanent ban

Appeal of Reprimands and Bannings can be made through the Support Channel ( Justification for the behavior that caused the banning must be presented along with a case for reinstatement of forum privileges when an appeal is made.
ComplaintsForum users are able to register a formal complaint via the Support Channel ( regarding the conduct of mods and Spicy Horse employees. Complaints are taken seriously and will be investigated fully.
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