Vera Garza Publish time 2014-9-3 15:39:22

About this lag... Plus a suggestion...

So from what I'm understanding, this game is still under a beta stage so I suppose I should expect some lag, but the game's unaplayable because the animations get so choppy. I had no idea where I was going since it was like I kept teleporting or something. Not entirely sure if this is because I just started playing this game or what. My connection is stable so it couldn't be that. I can't say my cache is a problem either as I had just cleared that out.
For the record, I'm using the lastest version of google chrome. I'm not sure if the browser might be making things run less smoothly. If there's any particular info anyone needs to give me a hand, I'll be happy to provide.

This next one is completely unrelated but... Is there anything in terms of character customization? I kind of didn't get to explore far enough to tell. I would like to see different hairstyles at least... ^_^;;

starlord Publish time 2014-9-7 04:15:05

I've been playing for awhile (since the first kickstarter, before it was added to Steam), and it was generally smooth gameplay. However, with the recent overhauls to the UI, I too have noticed the lag in-game has become unbearable. My 2nd character is now Level 14 and the game movement pauses or freezes while walking or battling at any level or mission. I do hope this gets sorted soon, and that development of this title continues.

Platform: Windows 8.1 6.3.9600
Model: Toshiba Qosmio X875
CPU: Intel Core i7 (quad core) @ 2.4 Ghz
RAM: 12 Gb
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M (3 Gb)
Audio: RealTek HD Audio w/ Harman/Kardon
HD: Toshiba 1 Tb Hybrid
Network: 20 Mb down, 5 Mb up

@SpicyHorse: Any debug information needed from me, I am more than happy to offer. My system specs are more than adequate for playing this game. Would it help if I paid for the Steam version, does it work any better than the stand-alone launcher?

starlord Publish time 2014-9-7 09:00:52

FWIW I also tried using the Chrome web-browser version of the game (Unity3D engine based) which exhibited the same lag/freezing in-game, even on the character select screen, you can see the particles move along for a few seconds smoothly, freeze up (including the mouse pointer, it freezes too), then resumes, this happens in fullscreen or windowed modes... I hope someone @ SpicyHorse is reading this and can offer a few suggestions?
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