Beezle666 Publish time 2014-10-31 13:54:35

Disciple collection bug?

when selling disciples, does anyone else show extra cards? For example, when looking through my regular cards I only have a 15 belial and 10 belial, but when I go to sell some cards, it also says I have a 20 belial. This happen to anyone else?

Phate999 Publish time 2014-11-1 00:20:53

Yes it has happened to me. And freaked me out. Because if I ever end up selling a UR or something because of this....

Also one time I went to sale disciples and I got to like 30 cards that appears to be 1 and 2 star, but I knew I could not possibly have like 15. So I cancellled out of it and started back over and it was better. I haven't seen this since 2.3 came though.

PK2000 Publish time 2015-1-10 13:40:07

On my exchange 5 r3 for an r4 screen i saw an extra lvl1  full evolved princess octopain. Which i knew wasnt possible but when i went to another screen and back it was gone. My number of cards appeared to be the same. Still was disappointed cuz it would have been fun for shock value. It had different equipment on that my lvl20 octo. Is your issue reappearing?
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