6uldv8 Publish time 2014-12-27 21:32:48

Login in timeout, please try again - ongoing

all morning, now afternoon...
Web fine, other apps unaffected, just SH's G8, multiple restarts & no apparents 4um posts re availability...

Laserman Publish time 2014-12-27 23:12:24

You should submit a ticket to support.

6uldv8 Publish time 2014-12-27 23:58:34

Would, but still downloading after uninstall...
Nothing else affected tho - curious!

Been tough fortnight re g8 4 me
Tried to play from phone - device specific, 100+ day login lost & monthly coins...
Rest 4um pwd, link expired within minutes, not 24 hrs
Overall unimpressed, may not bother from here - don't need the aggravation
Game has potential but execution sub-par overall (amateur) & imbalanced
aimed @ $£€¥ & BIG $£€¥ at that
chains of darkness non-ios = insult to injury
NE so close, too

Laserman Publish time 2014-12-28 00:32:10

6uldv8 replied at 2014-12-27 23:58 static/image/common/back.gif
Would, but still downloading after uninstall...
Nothing else affected tho - curious!

CoD will be on iOS when it's released I believe.

It may never make it to PC/Browser though.

6uldv8 Publish time 2014-12-28 03:12:00

30% downloaded!
No cap on Internet here...

6uldv8 Publish time 2014-12-28 21:57:09

Emailed support
Thought this was in-game
Pathetic that there's no link to email - pen & paper to the rescue - pen & paper...
Seem to remember a typo re support email, we'll see

6uldv8 Publish time 2014-12-28 21:57:42

Sorry, you posted too fast
Please try again after 30 seconds

6uldv8 Publish time 2015-1-8 17:49:58

*nothing* from Dev's, emailed support nor forum

QED: unprofessional Spicy Donkey doesn't want my custom
Sorry friends (if I have any left lol)

Bon chance!

tokay Publish time 2015-1-9 09:54:03

Could you provide an In Game Name? A support ticket #? Anything we could use to identify you or your support ticket?

Reading through this thread - it's impossible to know exactly what problem you're trying to report. Not clear who you are or what support ticket you're referring to.

Happy to help, but we need more details.

6uldv8 Publish time 2015-1-9 21:53:25

Sorry to in game friends for inactivity...

As per my email {sans reply} to the in-game support undress...
Was User ID: TG65156707
Unable to login for days - error msg: login timeout, please try again
Only the g8 was affected, nothing else

Tried from another device, however, is device specific
{pathetic in this day & age - we have the technology but u don't implement it...}

In attempts to rectify, uninstalled G8 & re-installed {which took DAYS}
& lost all progress (prob my fault, dunno)
adios Lvl41, paid monthly subscription {might follow up with iApple} & daily login bonuses...

Forced to limp through tutorial to find in-game support was just text - Again, technology exists but u don't integrate it - u integrated facebook but not email?

Also seem to vaguely remember ur support address got spammed so hard u changed it.
I used the one supplied in-game which is yet to receive a reply - why is it so?

too cheesed off (angry) to bother scouring G8 4um to compensate for SH incompetence...

I do not need this aggravation - if SH products sub par then no SH products for me

Any comment re complete lack of Customer Service ?
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