Malaphis Publish time 2015-1-1 03:13:27

Howl/Shudder/Torrent Fix in on 12/31 - Thanks

It does not appear that I have the ability to attach the fix that I found on King Oenomaus' Howl skill and replicated on different elemental powers (Cerberus - Shudder, Qing Qiu - Torrent), but I have posted it under Lubu where I can actually include an attachment--strange methodology btw where I cannot attach a file in a post but I can in a reply.

Thank you for taking care of this. HUGE rebalancing that has been a while in coming.

Thanks, team!

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-1-1 03:16:56

Yes, this is good. I can see that those 3 skills are the same at lv 1 now.

Malaphis Publish time 2015-1-1 03:29:27

At lvl 1, 55% damage, 2.1 seconds duration and 60s Cooldown time.
At lvl 10, 100% damage, 3 seconds duration and 42s Cooldown time.

This is much more in line with other powers.

While I am not big on pointing the finger, your team should probably look at the process that allowed someone, outside of a normal cycle, to change GUI AND back end code (hence, not an accident) in production without any oversight. You don't have enough resources to watch over someone's shoulder; a process in place to review and prevent ad hoc changes to production without oversight would help your team management in the long run.
Honestly, I don't care whether it was purposeful or not, so no need to justify anything to me or the community. My suggestion is just that--a suggestion. Use it or sweep it under the rug. :)

Laserman Publish time 2015-1-1 03:43:40

I know, the photo attach is lame.

What I do is, type some text and then "edit" the post.
When you edit, you can attach using the bulk uploader.

Storm.Lord Publish time 2015-1-2 04:16:50

Not sure how it works out, but I was wrong on the power at 10th. I just saw a King Oenomaus Howl that was 120% damage over 3 second duration with a 48s Cooldown time.

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-1-2 04:21:25

Torrent is also 120% dmg for 3 seconds, 48 cooldown..
I think Malaphis may just have a typo on the % dmg at lv10.

Malaphis Publish time 2015-1-9 09:37:07

Actually I just got it wrong #1 because I didn't see a live version of it and just calculated incorrectly because it was impacted by both the % and the seconds cool down. Thanks for catching it.
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