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please spicy please read raid boss event broken.

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There is a huge lack of raid bosses. I began last night doing some tests to see what the spawn rate was. I used all the free hope set an alarm for this morning and got last nights. I also used all my hope that was built up over a 5 hour period. Before the tests I had a total of 9 shards. I haven't missed an opportunity to farm as my hope hasn't been maxed yet. During this test I used 7 hope bottles to farm as well. You would think I got plenty of raid bosses right? 570 total hope 114 raid bosses. I never left 2 active bosses at a time I know you can't have more then two at a time. I got very bored and thought maybe I could summon a boss and that would reset chances tip them in my favor that was last night. Starting with my pool of 9 shards and the one I paid to summon bumping me to 10 I now have 13...13!!! I had one that was left by a friend in the last 10 hour period. I have deleted all friends that aren't 37 and above. Started deleting friends that are 50 or higher with NE cards. The raid bosses are a joke there aren't enough of them to go around. Out of 114 times I should have gotten way more then 2 shards. This is an extremely low rate. I check every 5 min for raid bosses glued to my phone and I never get them from friends only if I spawn them myself 2 out of 114 spawns is way to low for this to continue. Can't you fix this spicy?

spaz1372 Publish time 2015-1-3 02:22:59

A little more math tells me that the current spawn rate for raid bosses for me is 2% with 37 remaining shards needed I would have to use 9250 hope or  185 hope bottles. It takes 5 min to get each hope so that means that I would need 25 min to get enough for each raid boss try take 9250 divide that by 5 the minimum needed to farm for a raid spawn that is 1850 tries..take that by the minimum time needed to get 5 hope 25 get 46250 now let's put that into hours 770.8 hours..hmm let's look at days then...just over 32 days seems reasonable spicyhorse. That of course doesn't take in account the 80 hope per day gift but at a 2% drop rate does it matter? For fun take a week off that still leaves you needing over 28 days to spawn enough raid bosses to get the shard. THIS IS WHY THE RAID BOSSES NEED REVISITED IT ISN'T JUST THE DROP RATE IT IS THE FACT THAT NONE OF YOUR 64 FRIENDS LEAVE RAID BOSSES SO YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALONE MAKING THE ABOVE CALCULATIONS FRUSTRATING. YES MY TEST IS LIMITED TO A SHORT TIME I WILL CONTINUE JUST AS I HAVE SINCE OOOO UTC LAST NIGHT TILL NOW BUT THIS RATE IS LOW AND IF EVERY RAID BOSS SPAWNED BY MY FRIENDS IS KILLED OR LEFT WITH LESS THEN 50% I HAVE TO SPAWN THEM MYSELF MAKING THIS EVENT IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS I SPEND $185!!

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Request #36763
No Event Raid Bosses being left by friends

We are now 2 days into this event.
At event start I found 2 ro 3 Event Raid Bosses left by friends, since then, only 1.
My individual spawn rate is same as before, 1-4 in 24 hrs.
I have 18 shards.
We got 5 from the Redeem.
I got 4 from friends.
9 from my own bosses.

When is Spicy Horse going to recognise there is a problem with the shard drop system For Raid Boss Events?
The 20x damage equipment extended the range for lower level players to get drops/kill bosses from higher levels.
Level 37+ players are able to kill their own bosses with Nightmare teams and/or 20x damage equipment.
This leaves none for friends. Individual spawn rate will be far less then 50 over a 7 day period.
It simply deosn't work anymore as high level players continue to get stronger.

Ways to fis it:

1. Increase individual spawn rate.
2. Increase range high level players can get drops from lower level players. Then we can add freinds from loaer levels and find bosses perhaps.
3. Decrease the damage done by Event equipment, back to 4 or 5x.

I waited this time until we had more data.
This event is worse then the previous ones so far.
In 2 days I am rank 214 in this event simply becasue I can not find any bosses to kill on my board with more then 50% HP left on them. Before 20x damage was introduced I could rank 100 or better in these type of events. I'm not even trying to Rank for cards, I only want the shards for the equipment. Before 20x damage, you could wait 2-3 hours, log in and find Event Bosses on your board and kill a couple. Now, there are none!

I have had to resort to letting go good friends in a effort to add weaker ones and not getting results.

Please fix this problem


I'll post the reply when I git it.
This has been a chronic problem since the introduction of 20x damage.  

spaz1372 Publish time 2015-1-3 04:52:32

Update the data from myself is more detailed I now have 14 shards just got another 1 from my own spawn still have yet to see one from any friends...I have killed everyone I have seen even lolow level ones as some friends are still too low. The data I have so far still leaves spawn rate at 2% now over an 18 hour period....isn't that lower then any other event? I have ticketed this problem and I requested a refund for the eates hammer I purchased...1 single card before they nerfed him I thought worth it now I dont...neither ticket has been answered at all...eates is over 2 days old now...

Laserman Publish time 2015-1-3 05:11:52

spaz1372 replied at 2015-1-3 04:52 static/image/common/back.gif
Update the data from myself is more detailed I now have 14 shards just got another 1 from my ...

Individual spawn rate looks the same to me.
The problem is that friends are killing their own ERB's, leaving little to none for scavenging.

As for Eate, yeah, I have one too, was my most expensive card, So I'm cheesed about the not so good increase in stats at Nightmare. But bottom line, they can change them.

From the bottom of the TOS (Terms of Service) for the game.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to the in-game economy, game play balance, difficulty, and other aspects of the game in order to maintain balance within The Gate. These adjustments may directly and negatively impact your card collection, game play strategies, and/or create set backs for your game progress.

Terms of Service may be adjusted at any time, without warning. You are obligated to review them from time to time so that you are incompliance with the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for breaking them.

By playing The Gate you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old.

By playing The Gate you agree to abide by the Terms of Service.

fantazar Publish time 2015-1-3 05:14:20

I find I can sometimes completely kill the boss and therefor leave nothing for my friends and I would guess that this also happens with my friends why I don't find many leftovers for me. It may not be that the spawn rate is too low as I would find an Event Boss at least 1 of 2 times. I have 18/50 shards and that's with losing almost a day due to the update fail. Granted, this may not be the case for everyone.

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I have 53 shards now... and bought 21 boss. So no problem this even with 32 in less than 3 days. I got to be less lucky today but still summon 3 ERB... but i have some finish boss from friends.
Dont forget that many people have a lot of NE cards now... people kill their boss easely.

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The 4 event raid bosses that i managed to get by doing quests have around 225k hitpoints.
I need 9 Roods to kill that amount of hp with my best team + a ne card from a friend (doing around 90k per 3 roods)
If i would throw away my roods and do my best to kill my own summens i would have had 9 shards.
Doing the math witch is a simple 1+1=11 , i will not be able to get 50 shards without using a lot of gold before this event is over.
Better said i already bought a decent amount of gold over the last few month trying to grow as fast as i could trying to get a "ok" team together.
The events that i have seen so far shows me that SH is mostly out to make the gate a game not for the fun of this game concept.
But letting us pay at least €5000.- to get a team that has full gold equip instead of giving people a chance to get them on there own.
I don't mind to play for a long time to achieve these goals.
But its not even possible !!!
Is this really the vision SH has ?

Laserman Publish time 2015-1-3 06:15:11

voeuxpieux replied at 2015-1-3 05:52 static/image/common/back.gif
I have 53 shards now... and bought 21 boss. So no problem this even with 32 in less than 3 days. I g ...
Nice, you bought 23 bosses.
Do you buy bottles of hope on island events too?

This thread is about that we could get all 50 shards in ERB events before, without buying bosses.
Just like on Island events, we can get all 50 shards without having to buy Bottles of hope.

This game, Spicy Horse told me, is set up so that players of all categories, paying, mid pay, Free to play can play the game. So, if in fact it is required to pay to get the shards, it kind of goes against that.

In Island events, you can choose not to chase rank for cards and still get the Equipment shards by managing your hope. It use to be before there was 20x damage equipment, you could manage your rood/hope and get the 50 shards. Sure, you wouldn't do well enough to get all 8 cards. But, same as island, that's your choice. Pay to get both or just get the shards.

The 20x damage has turned the Raid Boss Event into a mess. Even if I buy the 20x damage equipment, I would then still need to buy bosses and rood to get enough bosses for shards and get all 8 cards. It's ridiculous.


Laserman Publish time 2015-1-3 06:17:07

fantazar replied at 2015-1-3 05:14 static/image/common/back.gif
I find I can sometimes completely kill the boss and therefor leave nothing for my friends and I woul ...

Exactly the same here.

19/50 from a good start, the 5 from the redeem and my own spawns.
No way will it be possible to get all 50 without buying Bosses.

It needs to be fixed.
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