Ben_ji88 Publish time 2015-1-8 00:19:11

nightmare evolving

I just nightmare evolved my nestorats and got a 181% bonus but the card looks quite weak seeing as I evolved it properly all the way !! Does equipment play a part in the outcome aswell as devil blood as it didn't before or is it depending on the individual card !! Also I can't put anywhere near as much devil blood on his attack n defence as other cards maybe half !!

Laserman Publish time 2015-1-12 10:20:11

181% would be the normal expected increase.
Check my thread on lvl 1 vs lvl 30 card comparison.

LVL 1 stats vs LVL 30 Card comparison

I looked, and that card has normal stat increases @ Nightmare.

Devil Blood nor equipment affect evolving.
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