drboondigga Publish time 2015-2-4 16:07:33

befafes or cerberus lord for wind melee

Both have there merits. Or would you run both?

Ares19 Publish time 2015-2-4 16:57:29

If you want to build a full wind team you could buy both. Cerberus lord has breeze and gale buff. Befafes has squall. If you have a wind attenuent card you will have full wind buff with just 3x cards (and 2x demonic sanctuary!).

Spike13 Publish time 2015-2-4 17:09:10

It really is a matter of setting.
Befafes has high dps and useful skill for isla but not so high for raid
CL has a good buff but low stat.
So you need a raid team or a isla mare team?
And what are the disciples they need to team up with?

drboondigga Publish time 2015-2-4 17:52:17

Wind is weak for me atm. All I have is FA (bit hard not to include her in your team).
I have honour points so I'm toying with the idea of CL. I have one befafes,  not a great start but I gues I could buy them(but to many other things to spend virago on). Fire is my strong team so maybe I could have a crack at a wind event. I like the idea of three wind buffs straight up with DS on CL and then get a archer with wind attunement.  Plenty of dreaming there but thought id get some other opinions before I spend my hard earned honour points :)

drboondigga Publish time 2015-2-4 17:53:33

And I like getting a team for IM I guess

Spike13 Publish time 2015-2-4 20:21:15

If you are goimg to have a mixed team (let's say, half wind with FA and half fire) BEfafes will be better. CL has such a weak dps that befafes and FA with double buff will.actually do.more damage than CL and FA with triple. If you will have 2 more strong wind dpser it could change

mordor Publish time 2015-2-5 05:14:42

Neither of them, too low defense.. get a good archer team with buff stack for extra dmg and you can join all events, for IM you need only 1 melee of each type which has potential to survive buffer archer dmg.. Preferable with DS but high health and def are a must so when your archer team kicks in they can kill all during fear. I am waiting for a earth insane mellee def type without spending $. Next project is molton for the wind teams.. Mellee's only use in my opinion is for the buff and for IM dmg consumption.. For events just get a archer team with buff and you can compete in every event when you like to spent $. NM cards are to strong for the events atm, have a liquid archer team which destroys all.. Just the damn IM mellee i need..lol

Thrillseeker Publish time 2015-2-5 06:09:59

Befafes all the way. Low Def becomes an issue if he's your tank but he shouldn't be played as a tank but as a DPS-er. Even in IM,micro him at the start and don't let him face-rush. During Fear,his Charged ability will make short work of any team,regardless of the element.

P.S. Befafes can be found in the Arena Shop so your Virago is safe but your Honor Coins are not :P

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-2-5 06:14:53

Prince Ekek :P

diudiuz Publish time 2015-8-24 12:18:20

First Befa, but to maximize damage output you could get CL later. He has buffs and DS so he can replace FA in raids.

Befa is the best wind card out there, despite what some might say here :) 76k dps on mine at and still going up.
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