Mutantlovetboy Publish time 2015-2-6 17:24:00

Has anyone seen the trio as a raid boss

It's listed in the about section that they will pop up as raid bosses (queen succubi, sebnac, merribacia.) but I have yet to see them,  is it just me or are they not dropping for anyone else?

Shikao Publish time 2015-2-6 18:26:03

Edited by Shikao at 2015-2-6 10:30

Yes, I have seen them in my raid list. Also I saw lvl 10 QOcto in Arena yesterday which I am fairly sure was a fresh drop.

cizbot Publish time 2015-2-6 19:55:16

I've seen Sabnac , 98mil hps i belive in my raid list yday.

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-2-6 21:14:45

I have seen one but never spawned one myself....
With the low card drop rate.. even if they change all normal raid bosses to the 3 Event Bosses, most people will only be able to get 1 (or 2 if they are lucky) card for the week...
No need to be so cheap... :Q
Also, they may make a bit extra for people buying Roods..

garzos Publish time 2015-2-6 22:45:47

i only seen 1sabnac and 2 barons or visa versa but they were not mine and i won a baron to bad it wasn't queen octo

Siltan Publish time 2015-2-7 02:38:55

I play on the phone and I have it on all day, every day. I have been playing up all the hope you get each day (even both extra 40 at 12) and all hope spent on Island event. Not even seen those in raid at all.
In fact I came here just to see where the hell they where poppoing up as this is just shit.
What the hell is going on? Having my raid boss % over 50% at one point before the boss card dropped(SR Boss that time) there is no chance in hell to get a card to drop in raid for me. Why do this shit always happened to me. This game so hates me :(

Spira Publish time 2015-2-10 21:30:35

So the end of this event is near and i must say:

- I have spawned: 0 bosses
- I have seen: 0 bosses

Nice event! :D

Shikao Publish time 2015-2-10 21:51:43

Spira replied at 2015-2-10 13:30 static/image/common/back.gif
So the end of this event is near and i must say:

- I have spawned: 0 bosses

I saw couple on Thursday and Friday, but after that only one. I guess my friends either killed them before they were shared or simply didn't bother with the event.

Delkat419 Publish time 2015-2-10 22:05:47

I have seen 3 bosses thus far and have spawned another 2 myself. Didn't get a drop from any though. Oh well, not even close to getting any from the event rankings, so I guess I just saved myself some deck space..

Laserman Publish time 2015-2-10 22:42:53

I haven't seen a one!
Real low spawn rate I reckon.

And where do they spawn from?
Any quest or just island?
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