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Some little fixes that might be nice

I've been playing for a while and while I do like the game quite a lot, I have noticed a few things that aren't quite bugs, but certainly could be fixed up a bit.

1) item selling
No one will ever want to sell a 4-star item and very rarely even a 3-star. When selling items the 1 and 2 stars and their incomplete portions should come before 3/4 shards. Every time I sell equipment I'm on tenterhooks praying an entire week spent slaving away on event island won't accidentally be discarded.
  1a) healer items should not account for 1/3 of all items. 1 Rh, 1SRh, 2URh, that's like 5% of creatures. Healer items should be maybe 1/8 items.

2) World Boss
It would be nice if the raid boss appeared in multiple forms, heck use the same skin, just change his color (red, light blue, green, brown). You'll even make more money this way since people will need top-tier raid boss killing teams of every element (instead of isla mare of every and really only high-end raid of liquid)

3) Creatures
The jump from SRs to URs is a bit hamfisted. When a person has collected all the SRs at all levels it would be nice if they could start exchanging in 5SRs for 1 crummy old UR, maybe chosen from the premium summon URs?
   3a) We don't need to be notified that we're using a rare when we're using a Daphne. In fact having to ignore that warning really makes it much easier to accidentally use important cards. The warning should have a tiny picture of the rare or above, or there should be a much harder to ignore warning for equipped and maxed creatures (I lost my magnificent little rumbling murmur this way qq )

4) Raid Bosses
Cresil does a bit too much dmg, Zagam has a bit too much HP, and most importantly...WHY does Zephyr Wraith have a defense increase spell that lasts the entire battle?

5) Achievements and Collection
A)There should be more achievements for things, like say...beating the actual game
C) You might not think of the collection as important, but this is a freemium game, it's all about compulsively obsessively collecting and building up things, it really does matter. Please remove the unobtainables, add in all the URs at the end (preferably by just making the ones you get fill in the first empty slot) and make it so the higher level finished collections reward marestones since it would really make a lot of sense for them to.

6) Missions
The current mission system is irrational. Why do we have to choose to accept a mission? No cost, no consequence for failure, no alternatives. They should be automatic. Additionally there are no hell forge missions.
    6a) There are 3 fixes I can see: Keep it the same but make them default accepted, make a different set visible when in hellforge, and allow us the option to "skip" a normal mission to see a hellforge mission.

Why can't we see the stats/skills of our friend's creature?

8) Daily Rewards
The current pick one is dishonest. No mincing words on this, maybe it wasn't meant to be, but it is. The point of a reveal is to show where the other ones were, not what all potential options are irregardless of probability. No one will ever interpret it as you mean it. It's free, it's a bonus, but it's still like started every day off by getting tricked. More cards, a spinny wheel instead.etc lots of options. Currently the gold from the first 6 days is much better than the card game.


Endless Battle Daily
It would be fun if there was a daily, "see how many waves of increasingly numerous/powerful creatures you can survive before being buried" kind of feature. There should be the occasional silent wave so they can't all just be perpetually feared.

Betting Ring
A place where we can pay soul coins to pit our teams against ~evenly matched creatures. And win some.

Garyoakcar Publish time 2015-2-13 02:04:56

Edited by Garyoakcar at 2015-2-13 02:06

Leveling up reduces hope to maximum... if you use the free hope without realizing you're about to level, you'll lose some. Of course most people probably don't make this mistake.. :L

SirKenzo Publish time 2015-2-13 06:04:49

there are some great ideas

Yomachan Publish time 2015-2-13 15:52:52

9. Sorting friends: by level, element, stats...

garzos Publish time 2015-2-15 16:00:52

Garyoakcar replied at 2015-2-13 02:04 static/image/common/back.gif
Leveling up reduces hope to maximum... if you use the free hope without realizing you're about to le ...

i really hope this does not happen to me some people said it happens but it didn't happen to me yet and i hope it stays that way or i'll lose a lot of saved up hope

BubbleLead Publish time 2015-2-15 17:20:09

Garyoakcar replied at 2015-2-12 19:04 static/image/common/back.gif
Leveling up reduces hope to maximum... if you use the free hope without realizing you're about to le ...

That's not true. I tested it first-hand more than once: when you level up with extra hope stored, you just don't get the refill, but the hope stays the same.

It better not get changed soon, since I've been storing over 2k during these last weeks! :D

Garyoakcar Publish time 2015-2-15 18:22:03

Hrm, maybe I'm mistaken? It could maybe have something to do with the day changing right when I leveled too? I'm pretty confident that it happened, but if neither of you experienced it, maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention somehow? Either way:

Rather than SRs being worth about half a Daphne later in the game, they should sell for something like 1/10th of their honor coin value, or maybe 3 of each of the marestones that NM evolves them.

garzos Publish time 2015-2-16 00:23:44

i would be sad if i lost all hope lol that pretty much means my chance for top 50 will be gone on the next new event island

Garyoakcar Publish time 2015-2-18 00:28:58

The rage Amulet is disappointingly uncustomizable. How cool and PROFITABLE would it be if we also wanted to get gems to socket our orbs with? (Sockets become available as level rewards)
Ex: Stormstone of Silence -Enemy disciples are silenced during wind orb activation

-Rage regens x% faster
-Rage regen per hit/heal
-store x% extra rage
-Rage regen on disciple death
-particular orb can be used in PvP

-Res one disciple?
- Clerics do small aoe dmg on heals

-Damage return
-Bone wall
-Spell effect immunity
- Minor demonic sanctuary

-def reduction
-dmg boost
-Durational burn dmg

-Send enemies running
-increase disciple evasion
-Decrease spell cooldowns
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