toefl Publish time 2015-2-12 19:36:54

Can't summon anything

it has almost been a week now and I can't summon anything. Crystal summon, friend point summon etc.  
Keeps saying my deck is full when it isn't

Sent a ticket but they said they are aware of this bug. Anyone experienced this and is there a work around in the meantime?
I'm depending on the fp summon to level up my high level cards, which are clogging up my deck space.

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-2-12 19:37:53

have you made sure your equipment isn't full?

game0ver22 Publish time 2015-2-14 05:52:08

It happens to me few times when I use Clean Master program (show me desk 0/0). Delete the game and download it again. It works to me.
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