Rence Publish time 2015-2-14 14:15:45

Stronger Earth Monsters?

I find it hard to see any earth teams around. probably because wind is very dominant.  Water teams are strong since nobody makes a complete earth teams as well. Most of the people take advantage of the FA's.  More Earth Monsters!! Correct me if im mistaken :)

Garyoakcar Publish time 2015-2-14 19:47:15

Spira Publish time 2015-2-14 19:56:59

Actually there is a strong roster of Earth cards around in the game that can counter the dominance of Liquid teams. You can pick good Earth cards in Isla Mare shop, however the best Earth cards are in VIP shop (you need to be royality 10 to unlock it).

Wind (on paper) should be at the same level of Liquid teams, but in fact we don't see a good Wind team so often. The lack of Fire Archers available and the Liquid presence on almost every team makes a Fire team very rare to find. Without the Wind counter, that element should be okay but people prefer having a Liquid team, for these reasons:

- Liquid have advantage over the World Boss
- Liquid have the best archers available, many of them with strong skills like Fear. That makes it the sharpest element
- The game had provided plenty tools for Liquid to deal damage and very few for the other elements

Like you, i would like to see more Earth teams around to counter Liquid, which makes the Wind come back to counter Earth, and then at last Fire to counter Wind...
I honestly believe in the balance of a game and i keep fighting a bit every day so i can to try to take some light about that to the people who make the decisions in this game.

It's not that you can't build an Earth team, but Liquid have so many good Tier 1 Archers available already, while Earth have 2 of them sitting there on VIP Shop. A good way to shake things is to place those two cards in Isla Mare and release a good Fire or Wind archer into Arena Shop, however i'm still waiting for it some months now.

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-2-14 21:38:39

The issue with Wind is that you can't get a card with Wind Attunement easily...
if you look at all the Arena Shop cards released so far, we have attunement for every element except Wind.
I am hoping the next Arena Shop card will have Wind Attunement to fix this inbalance.

Jason27104 Publish time 2015-2-15 01:55:14

Yeah I would love a wind attunement archer in arena shop. After three straight melee cards, I would just like the next card to be an archer. Really any element is fine.

Woj-tek Publish time 2015-2-15 09:44:22

That's been holding me back from having a good wind team although Befafes was a nice treat...I have Lucifrex lvl20 and Oenomeus  lvl 20 both have atonement but I need them NEvolved, I'd be happy with either one. I doubt I'll ever get my hands on Crisps..

Rence Publish time 2015-2-16 11:11:43

This maybe out of topic but, how many gold do you need to purchase to reach level 10 royalty? anyone?

Garyoakcar Publish time 2015-2-16 11:33:37

While we're off topic; do people buy extra friend slots for access to more raid bosses, or is it just not really considered worth it? I'm a free player and gold is precious to me.

Rence Publish time 2015-2-16 13:32:39

to my experience, i find it better having like 15 strong friends i could take advantage of when killing raids / hard quests or events. while the remaining slots would be for active low level players who keeps on leveling and putting up more raid bosses on your screen.

Killing any colored boss would merit same amount of drop rate. i guess. so the easier you could kill, the less rood u will use.

Woj-tek Publish time 2015-2-16 13:57:32

Rence replied at 2015-2-15 23:11 static/image/common/back.gif
This maybe out of topic but, how many gold do you need to purchase to reach level 10 royalty? anyone ...

$1000...Gorgon queen, Batibat is for sale there and Lucifrex  but expensive
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