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Chains of Darkness on iOS - Global Launch

Dear Players,
We're excited to announce the imminent arrival of Chains of Darkness on Apple iOS devices! From the morning of March 11th, 2015 (Pacific Standard Time), Chains of Darkness will be available in all countries worldwide for all compatible iOS devices.

As soon as the build goes live in the App Store we'll post back with a direct link.

For Android players, we've encountered a delay with Google and are now aiming the worldwide Android launch at March 17th. We apologize for the delay. Updates will be posted on this topic as needed.

Thank you, to all who participated in the Open Beta over the past weeks. Your feedback has helped greatly in making CoD the best game it can be. Going forward, please continue to send us your feedback and suggestions via

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Abaddon will be maintained, but a new server is also being opened.
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