Serefin Publish time 2015-3-20 20:22:31

Inferno Summon

There isn't much detail on the inferno summon, but at 50$ is it just a premium summon of one element or how does it work?  Anyone tried it yet?

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-3-21 00:43:03

The idea behind it is that it'll summon 10 disciples of one element with a chance of having up to 10 of those disciples being UR (as opposed to SR). I'm not sure if they're still including R's in the mix, but I think it would be monetarily advantageous if they didn't keep them there.

Serefin Publish time 2015-3-21 01:54:29

Yeah that's what I would like to know is if rares are in it... Anyone know?
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