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Augments Information

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So we don't have bits of information on augments here and there in 10 different threads I'm hoping to put it all in one thread here, starting with some of the information I have gathered. Thanks to everyone so far who has helped contribute information to make this thread a great resource!

Spread sheet by Duelcool: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh ... Ti_FBXBg/edit#gid=0

Compact Augmenting levels breakdown by Spira:

Augmenting: (Screenshots are appreciated.)
+1 requires: x20 Rend (Adds +10% base stats)
+2 requires: x60 Rend (Adds +10% base stats)

+3 requires: x2 Face shards, x50 Night Stone;
Fire: x40 Inferno
Liquid: x40 Cataclysm
Wind: x40 Seismic
Earth: x40 Tempest

+4 requires: x5 Face shards, x50 Rend, x60 Night Stone;
Fire: x80 Inferno
Liquid: x80 Cataclysm
Wind: x80 Seismic
Earth: x80 Tempest

+5 requires: x7 Face shards, x20 Twilight Hex, x75 Night Stone;
Fire: x100 Inferno
Liquid: x100 Cataclysm
Wind: x100 Seismic
Earth: x100 Tempest

+6 requires: x10 Face shards, x50 Boxy, x40 Twilight Hex;
Fire: x80 Blaze
Liquid: x80 Torrent
Wind: x80 Mineral
Earth: x80 Cyclone

+7 requires: x13 Face shards, x50 Opal, x75 Boxy;
Fire: x100 Blaze
Liquid: x100 Torrent
Wind: x100 Mineral
Earth: x100 Cyclone

+8 requires: x16 Face shards, x50 Blood of the Soul, x100 Opal;
Fire: x125 Blaze
Liquid: x125 Torrent
Wind: x125 Mineral
Earth: x125 Cyclone

+9 requires: x20 Face shards, x50 Scrape, x50 Demon Heart;
Fire: x150 Blaze
Liquid: x150 Torrent
Wind: x150 Mineral
Earth: x150 Cyclone

Augmentation Island drops:
-First Tier-
Abzu: Midnight x1
Kur-gal: Twilight x1
Asakku: Deluge x1
Lilitu: Night x1
Namtar: Midnight x1-2

-Second Tier-
Ninlil: Twilight x1-2
Husbisag: Deluge x1-2
Pazuzu: Night x1-2
Hanbi: Midnight x1-3
Rabisu: Twilight x1-3

-Third Tier-
Hanbi: Deluge x2-3
Edimmu: Night x2-3
Asag: Flame x1
Panzu: Torrent x1
Tunam: Blaze x1

-Fourth Tier-
Lildim: Cataclysm x1
Sakku-tar: Flame x1-2
Kurnam: Torrent x1-2
Ab-gal: Blaze x1-2
Irkalla: Cataclysm x1-2

Other Augment locations:

Slash: PVE battles in normal mode
Slice: Boss battles in normal mode
Rend: Raid battles
Bash: PVE battles in hell mode
Mutilation: Boss battles in hell mode(?)
Smash: Isla Mare
Fracture: ???
Demolish: ???

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KingO also Night stone.
I suspect it stone will depend on element of the card
Also add somewhere in OP that Augment gives 10% base stats at +1 and +2 (and probably higher ranks as well)

Scion reported to use Night as well

FastSlimeMisterio Publish time 2015-3-20 23:17:47

pic with stats before and after augment?

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King O king o screenshot

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King O screenshot added.
I do think that the stones required for +3 might be element specific, if we see more evidence of this trend, i'll update it on the OP.

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king O 2-3 king O 2-3
King O lvl 4 reqs lvl 4 requirements


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Belzial replied at 2015-3-20 23:31 static/image/common/back.gif
king O 2-3 king O 2-3
King O lvl 4 reqs lvl 4 requirements

ouch indeed, added; thank you.

Belzial Publish time 2015-3-20 23:46:21

also, pazuzu is high chance for 2 stones, but i have dropped only 1 a few times now.
So i think it's:
1st tier - guaranteed 1 stone
2nd tier - high chance of 2 stone
3rd tier - low chance of 3 stone

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Belzial replied at 2015-3-20 23:46 static/image/common/back.gif
also, pazuzu is high chance for 2 stones, but i have dropped only 1 a few times now.
So i think it's ...
I think you might be right, so since your report of pazuzu only dropping 1 stone; tier two has the possibility of dropping anywhere in between 1 and 3 stones. i'll update tier two info.
If more info is found on each area i'll be able to update that as well.
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