Madecasol357 Publish time 2015-3-22 14:14:09

Agument after or before NE, evolve??

I'm collecting Queen vortex shard and cards either. and now I have Lv25 QV(with 4 cards) and I'm waiting for other 4 at IM shop.

My question is just about difference of agument stats between None NE and NE card.

If I agument her before NE, would it be a huge difference with NE of her stats? Each agument adds it's cards stat with about 10% buff. and this is my point of question.

I'd collected right materials and ready to agument my cards, but It's calculation makes me hasitate to do that. :(

Shikao Publish time 2015-3-22 16:21:26

I guess it won't matter. You should just get more stats upon NMing her to match Augment bonus.

Sanz of Time Publish time 2015-3-24 05:57:44

They said it was like DB, so it would make sense if it didn't matter when you augmented, it would still be whatever percent boost your disciple already had, but with the NM stats boosted.
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