tokay Publish time 2015-3-31 13:31:52

1-Star Ratings and Crashes

Dear Players,
Since we launched Chains of Darkness on iOS, we saw lots of 1-Star Ratings and angry reviews. People are saying the game "crashes" very often, but we aren't getting any reports about crashes via our Support Channel.

Two things we'd like to ask your help on:

1) If you are playing the game and enjoy it, please consider giving it a 5-Star rating and a nice review. As an indie developer we live and die based on your reviews. Don't let the angry people destroy our games with 1-Star ratings! Our Star Rating directly impacts our visibility in the App Store and our ability to market and support the game. This is especially true on iOS.

2) If you experience any sort of "crash," please let us know via our Support Channel. If there are crashes in the game, we can't find them via angry 1-Star ratings. In order for us to help you by fixing the problem, you have to submit a report via our Support Channel:

In the meantime, we are improving in-game messages related to server disconnects, so people understand that the game hasn't "crashed" when it cannot reach the server - and will offer advice on what to do when the game cannot find the server. Until we hear otherwise, we are assuming that when people say "the game crashes," what they mean is that it cannot connect to the server.

As always, we appreciate your support and feedback.

Spicy Horse Games

S3V3N Publish time 2015-5-24 09:42:50

I've been trying to leave you a good review in the App Store but it never posts. Idk why.

Dubhai Publish time 2015-5-25 07:12:02

i ENJOY THE game, but it does crash frequently.

Dubhai Publish time 2015-5-25 07:13:47

Dubhai replied at 2015-5-24 18:12 static/image/common/back.gif
i ENJOY THE game, but it does crash frequently.

What I mean by crash is that first the game app just completely freezes and second that they game cant connect to the server after battling a raid boss. The latter is more of a pain since I lose 1 of my five opportunities and once I even invested 50 gold and lost that as well

Dubhai Publish time 2015-5-25 10:15:41

One thingI forgot to mention is that for every hick up, you guys address the issue quickly. Just from my behalf thank you guys and keep up the great work. Much success for you guys
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