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Card evolution

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One of the nicest features in this game is that it allows us to evolve creatures from any rarity to 5 stars. So I decided to create a short list of materials and shards that you'd need for all the possible evolutions. (I have been playing for 3 weeks, so I still do not have 5 star demons, and I decided to make this guide yesterday, so some information is still missing). We all begin with the same starting creatures, but they are not the best ones in the game, so feel free to explore various deck builds and come up with a list of creatures that you like and that are farmable. You should come up with a desirable deck or at least some nice demons and invest in them as a priority.Edit: there was a minor update which changed needed number of shards. So everything in parenthesis is outdated info.

2 star.
1st evolution: 4 slash
2nd evolution: 8 slash
3rd evolution: 12 slash
4th evolution: 16 slash 16 slice
5th evolution: 20 slash 20 slice

3 star evolution: 40 slash 30 slice 15 elemental materials from mines lvl 1-2; 2 twilight stones (raid shop 1600 each)
1st evolution: 2 shards 40 slice 60 slash 20 elemental materials from mines lvl 1-2
2nd evolution: 3(5) shards 10 smash 60 slice 35 elemental materials from mines lvl 1-2
3rd evolution: 4(10) shards 20 smash 90 slice 50 elemental materials from mines lvl 1-2
4th evolution: 5(15) shards 30 smash 120 slice 110 elemental materials from mines lvl 1-2
5th evolution: 6(20) shards 40 smash +?

4 star evolution: 9(25) shards 50 smash 120 rend 110 elemental from mines lvl 3-4;20 night stones (arena shop 24000 each)
1st evolution: 10(30) shards 60 smash 150 rend 130 elemental materials from mines lvl 3-4
2nd evolution: 12(35) shards 70 smash 100 rend 150 elemental materials from mines lvl 3-4
3rd evolution: 14(40) shards 80 smash 150 bash 200 elemental materials from mines lvl 3-4
4th evolution: 16(45) shards 90 smash 200 bash 250 elemental materials from mines lvl 5-6
5th evolution: 18(50) shards 100 smash 150 mutilation  300 elemental materials from mines lvl 5-6
5 star evolution: 19(60) shards 110 smash 200 mutilation 350 elementa from lvl 5-6; 40 midnight stones (Lost island shop 500 each)

So to fully evolve a demon to 5 stars you'd need 118(337) shards of a particular demon. To evolve it to 4 stars, you'd need 29(77). After update no need to worry about shards, no need to plan that :) (So plan accordingly.)
That's all information I have for now, please feel free to add whatever is missing

Apie Publish time 2015-4-4 16:54:00

thanks eqwiki for the info.
I hit the bullshit night stone road block.
i had a demon up to 3star evolve5 before realizing i needed to purchase night stones well in advance.
all my main demons are 3star evolve5 now and it will be 5 days until i can get my first 4star, 15 days until i get my second. my progression has come to a standstill, now is probably a good time to quit this stupidity.  

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1426357132JgNobh replied at 2015-4-4 16:54 static/image/common/back.gif
thanks eqwiki for the info.
I hit the bullshit night stone road block.
i had a demon up to 3star evo ...

I am sorry to hear that.. Well, there is always an option with purchases in vip shop, but the prices are not very friendly there. You can also try farming other elements in advance while you are purchasing night stones (and midnight too) so the next evolutions would be faster. Anyway, good luck with whatever you are planning to do now!

Abbraxx Publish time 2015-4-7 09:44:54

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Extremely useful information! Just restarted on Cataclysm (I wanted a fresh start..) and now that I see how many of these are needed.... seems I'll go ahead and start buying them at each opportunity haha
So I would assume it'd be a good idea to just work on a crew, but don't evolve past 3* 5 until it's a card that you're like "Yep... this is one of my babies that will make me a dream team"

Apie Publish time 2015-4-7 21:40:54

Yeah I can't even buy the night stones cause im only Vip4. but even VIP10 Eqwi calls the prices 'not very friendly' LOL
Honestly, development needs to address this issue, a very small portion of players browse these forums so they can't assume they have access to this information and start stocking on night stones since day1. I want them to make some money off this game, but not in this fashion, this is what I call a dick move. For now all your arena points should go into getting 2 night stones per day
Abbraxx, Hope is a very valuable and really shouldn't be wasted. decide on what ur core team will be right now and farm those exclusively, use some gold to replay those hard modes you need.

Eqwi Publish time 2015-4-10 20:28:07

This stuff is irrelevant with respect to shards now. It's all much much cheaper! Great!

Apie Publish time 2015-4-13 07:11:32

yeah this was definitely a step in the right direction.
makes the game a whole lot more playable

Eqwi Publish time 2015-4-25 09:00:32

Now the amount of smash and stones is decreased too.. well, I'll update it sometime.

hau5 Publish time 2015-4-25 21:02:41

Vip price for stones is not too bad but getting to vip 6 is ridiculous, going from vip 4-6 you need to spend $150 USD.

If you hit the night stone block try progressing in story mode, one achievement gives you 20 night stone. Its the get "x" stars in pve ahievement.

1429358498luQU2m Publish time 2015-6-10 22:34:28

Waht do the Values in () stand for?
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