LixiaLong Publish time 2015-4-4 04:58:12


Hello everyone... I wonder how much money you have to spend to get reward from new events.. 1.5mil gold recharge? WTF

0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-4 06:14:08

There are prizes starting at just one dollar of recharge...

Eqwi Publish time 2015-4-4 08:25:41

Yep, they have rewards for spending 15 k dollars.. Obviously nobody is getting there anyway, but technically it's there.

Apie Publish time 2015-4-4 16:44:01

its part of the freemium app gaming model, a games success depends on the number of whales they land. My concern is that end-game value is extremely low, same grind, just much longer, which is very dull and whales spend less money during end-game.
I imagine devs will roll out new servers every 3 weeks for max revenue. old servers will become stale and rot away at a similar pace
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