0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-7 11:01:27

Cataclysm server arena rewards?

Today was the third day in a row that I didn't receive arena rewards on cataclysm.  I submitted a ticket when it happened on Saturday, and have heard others stating the same problem on in-game chat.  Can we at least get a "we see the problem and are trying to figure out what to do about it" rather than complete silence that we are getting now?

tokay Publish time 2015-4-7 11:03:52

Yes, we are hearing about this problem and the team is looking into it.

Apologies for "complete silence" on this topic, but it was a National Holiday here in China (April 3rd to 6th) and our development team were not around to see or respond to messages on this topic.

0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-7 11:10:17

Ok so I didn't wait long enough, about three minutes after I posted cs got back to my original ticket.  They awarded some "goodies" to make up for my troubles, but the goodies were not as good as three days of first place in the arena, yes that was me, "doubled" by the event.. So are back payments going to come into effect for the entire time that the system was not working properly? Or do I need to submit a ticket for each day and advise others to do the same?

tokay Publish time 2015-4-7 15:20:04

It's best if you continue the dialog with the CS team, as they have access to your account and can better see what items you may have missed out on.
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