Solear Publish time 2015-4-7 16:42:13

Bug: CoD stuck in loop after arena

I really hate PvP so when I reached lvl 13 and Bee came to teach about arena I tried to skip it. Ofc that button did not work at all so I quitted the game. When I logged back in and I saw that everything is grayed out and the cat paw is still trying to guide me to the Arena. But I cannot complete it because of various errors like I cannot start another arena until timeout or when I can start it the game freezes. I cannot press any buttons. I have to manually close the app.
After trying a while I managed to do a story battle but at the end I couldn't check rewards because buttons on my screen were not working only Quit game. Restarting after this resulted me going back to the Arena tutorial stucking at the same place.

I should give 1 less star on gplay for forcing Arena tutorial without the option to fully skip it..

0nceAgain Publish time 2015-4-7 17:26:54

The unskipable tutorial is a nuisance. Wether that justifies a star of rating for you is a matter of personal opinion.

Solear Publish time 2015-4-17 02:19:09

Unfortunatelly not, because I like Spicy Horse games way too much for that :lol (*waves to art department*)
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