jaimelirol Publish time 2015-4-11 11:10:46

Fallen Cardea or King Oenomaus

currently im running a wind team and i dont know wich card should i buy King O or FC who is better for a FA, Befafes, CLord team?

Jason27104 Publish time 2015-4-11 11:47:22

King Oenomaus has better dps and no quarter. Cardea has Coverfire and enrage. So if you have to pick only one then get king Oenomaus. But honestly both are superior to Cerberus Lord.

Shikao Publish time 2015-4-11 15:13:08

Here is a similar topic. With 2 utility (FA and CL), I would rather go with KingO because he is better attacker than FC.

Jason, I agree statwise, but some people want Breeze and/or 2x DS

Feanyar Publish time 2015-4-11 16:48:07

I agree. FA+CLord+Bef+KingOe are close to the ideal windteam in terms of raiddps and allround-utility (Fear, 2 DSanc). The only improvement would be to replace FA with something of higher dps since CLord+Bef can cover FAs buffs. But whether that minor improvement is worth the investment... I doubt it. ;)

PS: Allthough FCardea is a really nice card, I'm kinda angry with SH that they baited me (and many others) into buying her by "delaying" King Oes release a week without giving us a heads-up. It would've been nice to have the choice to get FC instantly or being patient while slowly collecting the overall superior King Oe. :curse:

Pbuck Publish time 2015-4-11 18:34:06

2xbef cl and kıngOe ıs the ıdeal raıd wınd team for me. Full wınd buffs  3xds 3 good dps charged morph.

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-4-11 20:30:21

Feanyar replied at 2015-4-11 16:48 static/image/common/back.gif
I agree. FA+CLord+Bef+KingOe are close to the ideal windteam in terms of raiddps and allround-utilit ...

i bought Fallen for my alts... and both of them only need 3 King O...
I'm not impressed...

voeuxpieux Publish time 2015-4-13 02:00:01

I have Fallen Cardea but still is going for King Oe. Both can be complementary in a wind team specialist :lol

cuddle13 Publish time 2015-4-13 02:14:37

well, i may just wait for King O and don't bother to NE Fallen...
Gear doesn't come easy.. I rather focus on King O than trying to get gears for both of them.

Woj-tek Publish time 2015-4-13 03:19:42

I thought long about her but also decided Nye! Only need 2 more king O and my wind team is done and will have at least 2 melle so c.fire is not as important. Need my arena coin for Equip.

Woj-tek Publish time 2015-4-13 03:21:20

But  FA-Nybras-KingO-FC  would be interesting
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