Apie Publish time 2015-4-13 07:14:34

announcement suggestion

can we get the same facebook announcements in this thread
helps keep the forum alive and keeps the people who use the forums exclusively to be informed
thanks in advance

tokay Publish time 2015-4-13 09:20:18

I do try to make sure announcements are posted in both places. What recent announcement didn't make it across to the forum?

Apie Publish time 2015-4-14 11:11:32

everything in the past month
heres a link the CoD fb page: https://www.facebook.com/chainsofdarkness

tokay Publish time 2015-4-14 11:43:50

Not sure if you're trying to be funny or what. The posts on the Facebook page are mostly automated. They are "hints" which are repeated over and over by a web app we use. We will not be posting those same things on the Forum, as this is a place meant for discussion, not for marketing of the game. We use Facebook mainly to reach new players.

Apie Publish time 2015-4-14 11:52:43

yes I'm hilarious I know.
to be more specific, posts like this one: The 500-50-500 Contest! should probably get a mention on these forums.

tokay Publish time 2015-4-14 13:08:20

Huh. I thought I had posted that here.

Anyway, it's posted now.

Btw, I hate this forum software :P
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