w_elfo Publish time 2015-4-16 00:24:53

521M damage on Raid boss?

Edited by w_elfo at 2015-4-16 01:10

I think is not the first time it occurs... but again there are players doing MASSIVE amounts of damage to raid boss (more than 521 MILLION).
For that reason, the boss is not lasting more than 10 minutes, and it is hard to "catch" one to participate.

s474n Publish time 2015-4-16 08:59:21

i think top players are doing several billion damage pal... it sucks right!! but because many top players focus all their equipment & DB on 4 water cards it makes it difficult to compete unless you do the same. Good luck!

tokay Publish time 2015-4-16 09:33:56

We are looking into it. Sit tight :)
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