tokay Publish time 2015-4-16 16:50:25

500-50-500 Contest is Over

Dear Players,
Thank you, for playing the recent "500-50-500" contest. We've selected the 50 winners and placed prizes into their accounts. To see if you've won, please log into the game and check your in-game mail. You'll see a "Your Prize" email if you've won.Thanks to everyone who played! smile emoticonSHG

PsychoFreak Publish time 2015-4-16 19:22:47

What were that contest? {:3_41:} didn't saw any post about it in here

Apie Publish time 2015-4-16 21:27:58

tokay posted it 2 days ago
abit unfair for those of use who try to stay away from the horrors of facebook.
looks like about 15 ppl entered lol
The Gate is a pretty good i think, i only got up to lvl 4 i think, but so far it seems pretty cool
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